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And people wonder why I hate HP

by Jeremy L. Gaddis on May 27, 2009 · 9 comments

in Networking

I am unfortunate enough to have to maintain 30 or so HP ProCurve switches (with another 10 or so almost ready to be installed). I hate them, with a passion. It is impossible for me to accurately convey how much I hate them using mere words alone.

People often wonder why.

The reasons vary. I’ve had “support” respond to me that they cannot reproduce issues in the lab because they don’t have enough GBICs available (well, go fucking get them!). Their “solution” in this case was to offer me a fresh-off-the-compiler “beta” version of the switch firmware. Because I deal with production equipment (you know, stuff I want to work), I always pass. I am not HP’s QA department, nor will I act as such. Here’s why.

Today I was reading through the K.13.63 Release Notes (PDF) and noticed this “known issue”:

“Transferring a switch configuration of 4,201 bytes or larger to a switch’s /cfg/startup-config directory via SCP will result in the switch coming up on factory defaults or with the new configuration only partly installed after reboot”

Are you fuckin’ kidding me, HP? How does shit like this make it past QA?

Looking at one of my 5400s, I see its startup config is 18,370 bytes. I have a lot of stuff to add to the config on that one, so it will likely easily pass 30k before it’s “done”. Glad I didn’t “upgrade” to this firmware earlier — I would’ve hated to have been the guy to find that issue.

There’s more that I’d share, but I’ll let you browse through the “Fixes” and “Known Issues” sections of the Release Notes for yourself. Look out for phrases like “hang”, “may reboot unexpectedly”, and the like.

Tomorrow, I’ll be receiving one of the new HP ProCurve Threat Management Services zl Modules. My HP sales rep has warned me in advance that “this module is not very intuitive, like many things you may have seen before”. Why am I not surprised?

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