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Dynamips, a 7200, and a full BGP table

by Jeremy L. Gaddis on August 7, 2009 · 8 comments

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I’ve been using dynamips on and off for a while now and always knew it was cool as hell, but this just really impressed me:

c7200# show ip bgp summary
BGP router identifier, local AS number 65101
BGP table version is 593019, main routing table version 593019
297882 network entries using 34852194 bytes of memory
297882 path entries using 15489864 bytes of memory
56505/56484 BGP path/bestpath attribute entries using 7006620 bytes of memory
51421 BGP AS-PATH entries using 1620448 bytes of memory
1632 BGP community entries using 107766 bytes of memory
0 BGP route-map cache entries using 0 bytes of memory
0 BGP filter-list cache entries using 0 bytes of memory
BGP using 59076892 total bytes of memory
BGP activity 298425/543 prefixes, 298425/543 paths, scan interval 60 secs

Neighbor        V    AS MsgRcvd MsgSent   TblVer  InQ OutQ Up/Down  State/PfxRcd    4 65001  592483     167   593019    0    0 01:19:55   297882 is a 7200 running under dynamips, and I just fed it a (nearly) full BGP table.

For the curious, that was the only router I had running under dynamips and the host is a MacBook (10.5.8), with a 2.2GHz Core2Duo and 4GB of RAM.

How fuckin’ cool is that!?

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