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Fine Example of ProCurve Engineering

by Jeremy L. Gaddis on October 5, 2009 · 5 comments

in Networking

Here’s a fine example of that wonderful HP ProCurve engineering and quality control I’ve grown intimately familiar with:

The following problems were resolved in release K.13.71.

IP Communication (PR_0000044004) – Switches running software versions K.13.65 –
K.13.68 may experience a resource leak in ICMP that eventually causes loss of IP
communication with the following symptoms.

  • The switch will stop routing traffic for hosts for which it provides gateway services.
  • All dynamic routing protocols stop functioning. The switch will stop sending routing protocol packets, and will not process incoming routing protocol packets sent from its neighbors.
  • In-band network management stops functioning. The switch will become inaccessible via Telnet, SSH, WEB, and TFTP.
  • Console management may become very sluggish and may appear to be non-responsive.
  • Output from the CLI command show ip route will be corrupted.
  • A reboot is required to clear up the symptoms.


(Note: Yes, I have been bit by this bug.)

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