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Pingdom Monthly Report

by Jeremy L. Gaddis on March 3, 2010 · 0 comments

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I recently started using the free monitoring service available from Pingdom to monitor (via simple ICMP echo requests) the VPS that this website runs on. Here’s the “monthly report” that I received from them via e-mail for the month of February:

For the month of February, there were a total of two outages detected for a total “downtime” of exactly three minutes.

The first outage was for two minutes from 01:20:38 to 01:22:38 on February 13th. This was observed from Pingdom monitoring servers in London, UK, and Tampa, Florida.

The second was a few moments later, for one minute, from 01:25:38 to 01:26:38. It was observed from Pingdom monitoring servers in London, UK, and New York, New York.

The response times seem to be averaged across all checks from all monitoring servers. Monitoring servers that are close, network-wise, obviously see much lower response times, e.g. 1 millisecond from a monitoring server in Los Angeles, California. The VPS physically is in the Wilshire Annex facility at 900 N Alameda in Los Angeles, so that makes sense.

I can’t really comment on the “unavailability” of the web site as compared to its previous home (a 1&1 shared server) as no monitoring was done then, but I’m quite happy with only three minutes of downtime in a month.

Side note: a few months signing up with ARP Networks, I’m still quite pleased. I know of a number of others who have since signed up that are as well. If you’re interested in a VPS (768MB RAM, 20GB HDD, 200GB bandwidth for $20 USD/mo.), definitely check out their deals. If you sign up, mention my name (I’ll score a free month if enough people do). For us network geeks, they also have native IPv6 to every VPS.

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