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Power Supply issue on HP ProCurve 5400/8200 Switches

by Jeremy L. Gaddis on August 2, 2010 · 5 comments

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I wanted to give a heads up about a power issue to anyone uses ProCurve 5400 or ProCurve 8200 series switches. Dave Tucker first mentioned it on his blog a couple weeks ago:

The 8212 series require 2 x PSU to operate. If one PSU fails, you loose modules G, H, I, and J. When the PSU has been replaced the modules do not come back without a reboot.

Dave noticed this while running the K.14.47 software. I noticed a similar issue on the 5400s a while back, but I am not certain if it is the same issue.

I have a 5412zl that currently has three power supplies and modules in slots B, C, D, E, F, and H. If power supply 3, which “is responsible for” module H, fails (or loses power) and comes back online, module H remains off-line, as can be seen here:

SWITCH# show modules

 Status and Counters - Module Information

  Chassis: 5412zl J8698A!        Serial Number:   SG840xxxxx
  Management Module: J8726A      Serial Number:  ID836xxxxx

  Slot  Module Description                       Serial Number
  ----- ---------------------------------------- --------------
  B     ProCurve J8705A Gig-T/SFP zl Module      SG931xxxxx
  C     ProCurve J8702A 24p Gig-T zl Module      SG824xxxxx
  D     ProCurve J8702A 24p Gig-T zl Module      SG838xxxxx
  E     ProCurve J8702A 24p Gig-T zl Module      SG838xxxxx
  F     ProCurve J8702A 24p Gig-T zl Module      SG011xxxxx

Module H will remain offline until such time as the switch is restarted. This did not — and does not — happen on the same hardware while running K.13.71. I should note that this is the only switch I have running K.14.xx software — all the others are on K.13.71, and this one was to be my K.14.xx guinea pig — and the issue does not appear on the others.

I’ll just throw a fourth power supply into this switch, and that should take care of it (I hope).

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