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Fun with sudo (or how to scare a co-worker)

by Jeremy L. Gaddis on April 20, 2011 · 4 comments

in Humor

Inspired by a thread on Reddit, I decided to have some fun with sudo. This could also be known as “potentially scaring the crap out of a co-worker”.

This screenshot should be self-explanatory to those of you familiar with Linux:

What the above shows is that I made a modification to the /etc/sudoers file on a server. I told sudo to, instead of using its default password prompt, use an alternative prompt when requesting the user’s password.

At 10:20pm Wednesday night, I receive a PGP encrypted e-mail from my co-worker Ralph (name changed to protect the innocent). At 10:21pm my phone rings.

It seems that he noticed the new password prompt. Here’s what his e-mail decrypted to:

Is this a joke, or did we get hacked?

him@server:~$ sudo apt-get update

I reassured him that I had changed the prompt and pointed him to the git log. =)

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