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by Jeremy L. Gaddis on May 13, 2011 · 10 comments

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Here’s a (partial) transcript from an IRC session last night. I am in awe.

21:54:13 -!- fluter [~fluter@unaffiliated/fluter] has joined #cisco
22:01:22 <fluter> hi, can I choose any one port to be the uplink of
 a switch?
22:01:37 <jlgaddis> no
22:01:47 <jlgaddis> take the total number of ports, divide by 2 and add 4
22:01:52 <jlgaddis> that interface is your uplink port
22:02:24 <fluter> jlgaddis, please dont make fun,
22:03:00 <fluter> jlgaddis, the switch is L2, so I need a uplink to do
22:09:04 <runelind> hopefully you bought a switch with an unlink port
22:09:24 <runelind> otherwise you have to return it
22:09:24 <fluter> javelin, it has no explicit uplink,
22:09:31 <fluter> which should I use?
22:09:35 <runelind> did you try port 1?
22:09:59 <runelind> damn!
22:10:02 <runelind> did you try port 2?
22:10:43 <fluter> runelind, thats my question, which port can be used as
22:11:20 <runelind> I'm out of my league here
22:11:38 <fluter> huh?
22:12:01 <jlgaddis> ANY PORT!
22:12:29 <fluter> interface Ethernet1/20
22:12:30 <runelind> jlgaddis: not port 1, it's connected to a server.
22:12:30 <fluter>   description uplink
22:12:30 <fluter>   switchport trunk allowed vlan 160
22:12:43 <fluter> jlgaddis, is this ok? port 20
22:12:54 <jlgaddis> yes, ffs
22:13:46 <fluter> jlgaddis, nice
22:15:10 <GraNNy-> fluter, you're nice and all, but please go read some
 documents before asking us for help about simple stuff.
22:15:43 <fluter> GraNNy-, I read documents, but sometimes need confirm,
22:16:01 <runelind> did you read the one about what a switch is?
22:16:17 <GraNNy-> you didn't read the docs, otherwise you wouldn't be 
 asking such beginner questions
22:16:51 <GraNNy-> and exactly how old is this switch if you are using an 
 Ethernet port instead of FE or GIGE?
22:17:15 <fluter> I guess I read the wrong docs, could you give some docs
 that I should read?
22:17:21 <GraNNy->
22:17:36 <GraNNy-> what series of switch is it?
22:17:54 <fluter> GraNNy-,  hmm, we just got this switch, its a nexus 5010
22:18:04 <jlgaddis> oh what the fuck

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