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Evil Routers Can Haz IPv6

by Jeremy L. Gaddis on July 21, 2011 · 8 comments

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You probably didn’t notice, but Evil Routers is now accessible via IPv6. I’m a little bit late for World IPv6 Day and I probably could’ve rushed and got it working, but I wanted to wait until I had enough time to make sure it was done right.

NOTE: if you’re in the market for an awesome VPS provider, you should check out ARP Networks (@arpnetworks). They provide every customer with native IPv6 connectivity and a /64. For me, they’re cheaper than Amazon EC2, Linode, and Rackspace (I have the $20/mo. package). The man who runs the show, @up_the_irons, has even offered to make your second month FREE if you sign up using the coupon code “EVIL”. (I’ve been using them for ~19 months and I really do recommend them.)

My main hold-up was using a domain registrar and DNS provider (1&1) that didn’t support AAAA resource records in DNS, so I asked around on Twitter for recommendations and several people suggested Gandi . Their motto is “no bullshit”, which pretty much sealed the deal for me. I initiated a domain transfer on July 6th, but it didn’t actually complete until 0600 UTC on July 12th (1&1’s policy is to wait five days).

Once the transfer was complete, it was a simple matter of creating the AAAA resource records in DNS.

As of last week, has both A and AAAA (IPv4/IPv6) RRs while has been created with only an AAAA RR (useful for testing). Due to my lack of IPv6 connectivity at home, I can’t be completely sure that everything is working properly, but I’m told that it is (if you have IPv6, please let me know if you run into any issues).

As I write this, my webserver has handled a total of 718 requests via IPv6 to 153 unique IPv6 addresses. That’s an extremely minuscule percentage of the total, but it’s cool to see that it’s being actively used.

Now I can sleep at night without feeling like a hypocrite — it just seems wrong to be a network guy running a networking-centric blog that isn’t accessible via IPv6. =)

To my fellow networking bloggers out there, if your site doesn’t support IPv6, why not?

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