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Cloud That Shit

by Jeremy L. Gaddis on September 21, 2011 · 3 comments

in Cloud Computing

Greg Ferro (I think) coined the term “blah blah cloud” and, like Greg and many, many others, I hate the term. The cloudtards would have you believe that the “cloud” is some revolutionary concept but, the fact is, the “cloud” has been around for probably longer than most of them have been in marketing.

IT folks who are old enough to remember mainframes know that the concept of “the cloud” isn’t anything new. After mainframes were being (mostly) phased out, a new term evolved, “application service provider”.

Application Service Provider : “… provides computer-based services to customers over a network”

Cloud computing : “… the delivery of computing as a service … over a network”

Apparently, however, that term didn’t quite have the same appeal to it (plus, it’s soooo 15 years ago), so some marketing guy, obviously on an LSD-fueled trip, somehow came up with “cloud”.

Like Myspace, Flickr, and Twitter, though, I think the time has come that we begin using “cloud” as a verb:

“The application was moved to an AWS private cloud, defining a new paradigm of increased security best practices and providing a web-scale RESTful API on top of the elastic services FCoTR VPN which, thanks to the on-demand scalability expertise, has resulted in a service-oriented ecosystem with seamless capacity and sustainable ROI.”

“Yeah! We really clouded that shit!”

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