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IOU License Generator on Github

by Jeremy L. Gaddis on November 1, 2011 · 3 comments

in Networking

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NOTE: For clarification, I did not write the IOU License Generator discussed in this article. It was written by someone else; I simply wrote this article about it.

If you’re in need of a license key for Cisco IOU, you’re in luck. A new license generator, iougen, has popped up on Github in the last day or two.

From the README file:

iougen is a python module/cli script that can be ran to generate IOU license keys.

IOU stands for IOS on Unix and is a full IOS environment that can run as a Unix process. IOU requires a valid key to operate and that is where this module comes in.

The code used for generating the license code came from a user who goes by Kel. Kel ported the code in 2011 from an original C program written in 2006. I just cleaned it up and made it a package that could be imported for use in other projects (like a web front end).

I’m told that the web front-end is, indeed, coming.

Note About IOU

I’m stealing this from the author of iougen because it applies here on Evil Routers as well:

If you run this script it is assumed that you have the legal right to posses and/or run IOU and that you have obtained IOU in a legal way.

The author of this script takes no responsibility for illegal actions.

I also do not know how you can obtain IOU so don’t even ask!

Download link: iougen on Github.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it appears that Github got “Cisco’d”. The git repository for the IOU License Generator has been removed due to a DMCA notice from Cisco.

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