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Wireless Field Day 2

by Jeremy L. Gaddis on January 17, 2012 · 3 comments

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I’ve been very fortunate to have been asked not once, but twice, to attend Net Field Day. As you probably already know, these are awesome events that bring together vendors with a handful of end users (who just happen to be bloggers).

Over the weekend, I heard from “the man” Stephen Foskett, who asked if I would be interested in attending Wireless Field Day 2 next week.

Of course, I was and, with that, my attendance at next week’s event was solidified.

In my professional life thus far, my work with wireless has been fairly limited. Shortly after being my previous job a little over eight years ago, I discovered several wireless access points in a closet and immediately wanted to roll them out. We completed that (fairly successful) project but did learn several lessons. We kept those in mind as we performed a second deployment a few years later, rolling out the HP 420 series access points throughout all of our buildings.

About a year ago, we started yet another deployment, this time switching to Meru wireless networking gear with a centralized controller. The Meru gear was pretty nice and supported several features that the HP access points didn’t. We were in the middle of that project whenever I left.

In my new role, I’ve already done a few site surveys, using AirMagnet Survey (AirMagnet was a vendor at the first Wireless Field Day event), which is an awesome tool. While getting familiar with the software, I also found some “how-to” videos from Jennifer Huber, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the first Net Field Day event and will get to see again at Wireless Field Day 2 (Jennifer and I are also both originally from the same area).

Back to Wireless Field Day… I’m excited to meet and hang out with the other delegates, whom obviously know way more about wireless networking than I ever will. Several of them even recently their own podcast, No Strings Attached, which centers around wireless networking.

As I told Stephen, previously I would have said that I wasn’t too interested in Wireless Field Day. Now that I’m in a new role at a new company, however, I certainly am. My current employer has performed a few fairly large wireless deployments and I’m excited to learn about the offerings that each of the participating vendors have. The vendors that we’ll be meeting with are Aerohive, Aruba, Ekahau, HP, Meraki, Metageek and Ruckus.

If this Tech Field Day event is like the others I’ve participated in, it is not one you’ll want to miss… and, fortunately, you don’t have to! The events will be live-streamed and you can watch them all as they happen on as well as following the events in real-time on Twitter.

See you in San Jose!

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