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GPG key for Jeremy L. Gaddis


Due to the revelations of widespread warrant-less surveillance in violation of the United States Constitution by the National Security Agency, I must insist upon encrypted e-mail communications whenever possible. If you are going to send me e-mail, please strongly consider encrypting it. If that is not an option, please see the Contact Me page for further contact information.

My current key ID and fingerprint are:

pub   4096R/0x913986E7703F1995 2013-07-06 Jeremy L. Gaddis
 Primary key fingerprint: 8147 BD7A D4D9 6823 A59D  C34A 9139 86E7 703F 1995

You may download my public key in a text file or retrieve it from various public keyservers.

This key was generated on 06 July 2013 and supercedes key, 0x96C30A0E95E2C8FE. Please see my most recent key transition statement for more details.

That key superceded key 0x03277B4CFEBFFAAC. That key transition statement is also available.

As explained on the Contact Me page, I welcome encrypted e-mail about any topic. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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