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Why You Should Be Blogging

October 20, 2011
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As a network engineer, systems administrator, or just a general IT guy (or girl), you probably don’t think of yourself as a “brand”. You probably just think of yourself as an average person who happens to have a fairly marketable skill. Each of us, however, are our own unique “brand” and blogging can help you […]

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September 22, 2011

In the months since Cisco IOU leaked out, many people have began using it for study purposes instead of or in addition to dynamips. One advantage that dynamips has over IOU is the ability to communicate with a physical network which comes in handy sometimes, like when you want to do pointless things like dumping […]

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Announcing Free CCNA Labs (and Giveaway)

September 21, 2011

Those of you studying for the CCIE lab exam have some great resources at your disposal. In particular, there are some excellent lab workbooks with “hands on” exercises to work through to help prepare you for that $1500 lunch with Cisco. One thing that really annoyed me as I was working towards the CCNP certification […]

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Cloud That Shit

September 21, 2011

Greg Ferro (I think) coined the term “blah blah cloud” and, like Greg and many, many others, I hate the term. The cloudtards would have you believe that the “cloud” is some revolutionary concept but, the fact is, the “cloud” has been around for probably longer than most of them have been in marketing. IT […]

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Why Is Cisco Crawling My Website?

August 24, 2011

A while back, I noticed my website was being hit by a new crawler at IP address $ host domain name pointer Cisco has apparently decided to keep an eye on me. Okay, whatever, that’s fine, but since you never know what Cisco’s up to, I decided to keep my eye […]

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HP Should Open Source webOS, But Won’t

August 18, 2011

A little over a month ago, we read a press release from HP announcing they were going to “Drive Innovation, Scale and Growth of webOS”: “As part of our investment in the future of webOS, we are working in lock step with the developer community, our channel partners and the start-up community to create an […]

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LACP Between HP and Cisco Switches

August 12, 2011

Jennifer Huber posed a question on Twitter today: Does anyone have any opinion or pointers for HP Procurve 2900s? Had issues setting up LACP trunks w/c2960s, opted for single connections.. I thought I had written up how to configure LACP between HP and Cisco switches before, but after checking I realized that I didn’t. What […]

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No, You Route the Packet!

August 11, 2011

Great job, Qwest (from Reddit):

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Chromebooks For Sale on Amazon

July 25, 2011

It looks like Chromebooks have showed up for sale on Amazon. There are a total of six models listed (with a mix of Wi-fi and 3G) with the Acer AC700-1099 on the low-end. For $349, I’m thinking I may have to pick one of these things up for those times when I don’t want to […]

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How To Make Your Routers Reload Faster

July 22, 2011

When doing labs, one thing that really annoyed me was how long it took some of my routers to reload. After doing a lab exercise, I would always erase the configuration and reload in order to start from a “blank” configuration. I just recently discovered a way to speed up this process. It’s pretty basic […]

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