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Why You Should Be Blogging

October 20, 2011
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As a network engineer, systems administrator, or just a general IT guy (or girl), you probably don’t think of yourself as a “brand”. You probably just think of yourself as an average person who happens to have a fairly marketable skill. Each of us, however, are our own unique “brand” and blogging can help you […]

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Manage Your WordPress Theme Using Git

July 20, 2011

When I first started this website, my purpose was to simply have a place I could post things that were useful to me and that I could access from anywhere. It didn’t take me long to realize that the things I was documenting were also helpful to lots of other people. This is one of […]

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Free Two-Factor Auth for your Servers and VPNs

June 23, 2011

Last week, I wrote about bitcoin and its reliance on exchanges such as Mt. Gox. A few days later, Mt. Gox had a few more “issues” including their entire user database being leaked to the Internet. In various online discussions afterwards, the use of two-factor authentication came up repeatedly. I wondered if there was a […]

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Shared Links – 2011-04-15

April 15, 2011

Below are links to the latest pages that I found relevant, interesting, funny, or just plain WTF. Your mileage may vary. Void where prohibited. All sales are final. An Introduction to Cluster Ballooning: Okay, who else suddenly wants to do this? Apparently, it’s been done twice before here in Bloomington, the first time at a […]

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